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'To protect and serve'
Sunday April 20, 2014

Core Values

The Royal Grenada Police Force operates under a number of core values and principles. These are embodied in a number of codes and statements, including; the official Code of Ethics for all sworn officers,

Child Abuse a Serious Social issue


Child abuse can be defined as an injury which is inflicted by no accidental means upon a child by another person. A child can be legally defined as a person under the age of sixteen under the laws of Grenada. The term “Child abuse” until recently was generally interpreted as physical abuse on a child.  Most recently, however, emphasis has been placed on sexual abuse; child abuse is not limited to physical and sexual abuse.


The 1994 Revised Laws of Grenada Chapter 1, Volume 1 section 65 (a) States a parent, guardian or person acting as guardian may correct his or her child for misconduct or disobedience to any lawful command.


One should note that the law states correct not punish.  Hence the importance and appropriateness of the law on unlawful correction which must be emphasize:

Section 65 (f) states, no correction can be justified which is unreasonable in kind or in degree, regard being had to the age and physical and mental condition of the person on whom it is inflicted, and no correction can be justified in the case of a person who, by reason of tender years or otherwise, is incapable of understanding the purpose for which it is inflicted.


It is unlawful if correction is administered for the gratification of passion or rage or beyond the child power of endurance or with an instrument unfitted for the purpose and calculated to produce danger to life and limb.


The Law condemns ill-treatment/physical abuse of children in any form and the boundary between legal correction, abuse and punishment must be vehemently accentuated and monitored.  Physical abuse and cruelty to our children, (who are often regarded as our nation's future) must not be condoned. All our children must be protected and it is therefore incumbent on all in society to aid in upholding the law and seeing that abusers be brought to justice by reporting all forms of abuse.


Another grave form of child abuse plaguing our society is Sexual Abuse which involves, sexual assault, sexual exploitation both in and out of family, sexual molestation, use of children in pornography or prostitution, rape, defilement of a female, corruption of a female, canal knowledge, unnatural canal knowledge, incest, unlawful detention, immoral purpose, child stealing, procuration, seduction, abduction and householders and others permitting defilement of a young female on his/her premises.  The 1994 Revised Laws of Grenada Volume 1 Chapter 1, Section 178 through to Section 190 gives strong penalty on these. Consent to sexual offences against a child is no defence as a child in incapable of giving consent.


Our nation’s children are also subjected to emotional abuse which  describes verbal and behavioural abuse, wilfully or permitting any child to suffer or inflict mental suffering and endangering a child emotional well being in a manner which diminishes the child self esteem, rejection, isolation, terrorizing and corrupting, criticism, deprivation of loving care, neglect or abandonment, threats of violence, frightening, are just a few of the abuse children face in our society daily, from parent, teachers, their peers,  and other authority figures which they sometimes trust for support.  At times the church in its quest to emphasize their belief of honour thy father and mother and obedience to parent fail to protect the children from abuse and emphasize don’t spear the rod and spoil the child and complaints from children is viewed as disobedience rude and disrespectful.


The 1994 Revised Laws of Grenada Chapter 1 Volume 1

Section 216, Exposing child to grievous harm, whoever unlawfully exposes or abandons any child, in such a manner that any grievous harm is likely to be caused to it, shall be liable to imprisonment.


Economical Abuse which is always under emphasized and taken for granted involves financial support of the child from birth to the age of adulthood, in relation to the necessaries of health and life such as education, medical treatment, food, clothes and shelter. Parents especially men fail in their responsibilities to financially support their children however the law was appropriate in making provisions for its children as is evident in,


The 1994 Revised Law of Grenada Chapter 1 Volume 1section 140 (a) which states

Whoever being able by labour or other lawful means to maintain, his or her child, where the wife or child is without other means of support, refuses or neglect so to do, shall be liable to a fine or imprisonment. The 1990 Law of Grenada Volume v (5) chapter 163-218 Maintenance act Chapter 180 part 1 section 3 (1) make provisions for dependants.


The laws of Grenada have provided for the protection of the child by making provisions in law for all forms of abuse.  The laws must be enforced, we all have a legal and moral obligation to protect our children through reporting hence the need for coordinated, multi-sectoral involvement, such as the health sector, education system, the judicial system, social network and community to report all forms of child abuse whether confirmed or suspicious.


Section 192 of the 1994 Revised laws of Grenada chapter one volume 1 make provisions for persons who refuse to report matters. It states, whoever, knowing that any of the offences mentioned has been committed, in the case of any person abets the unlawful detention of the person, or otherwise abets the execution of the intent with which that offence was committed, shall be deemed guilty of that offence.


Careful considerations must be given to cases where persons receive money or other favours for settlement of child abuse cases. The child has been abused and suffered physically, mentally, emotionally while parent receives two dollars at the expense of the child’s welfare.  Surely that is not in the best interest of the child.


Help save our future, protecting our children; report child abuse remember a stitch in time save nine.

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